8 Reasons to Come to Placencia Art Fest Next Year

The Paintings

The Sierra Brothers who own Omar’s Creole Grub, Laura Godfrey who owns Placencia Office Supply, Greta Leslie who owns Art & Soul Gallery- these are just a few of the phenomenal painters who showcased their talents at this year’s Sidewalk Art Festival.  The Sierra Brothers host paint nights at their restaurant twice monthly throughout the year…come and paint with them and other locals who are learning!

The Wood Carvings

Ironwood, Rosewood and Mahogany are rampant in Belize and the designs that the rastas make out of them are incredible.  Elaborate underwater scenes, jaguars on the prowl and rays floating are all in addition to the salad bowls, serving dishes and rustic centerpieces that can be brought home with you as a souvenir.

The Food

It’s all about the bbq! The smell of lobster, sausages, and chicken on the grill wafts through the air.  A side of rice and beans and warm flour tortilla and you’ve got yourself an Arts Festival lunch. Grab a cold Beliken from the beer tent, a green Lizard Juice (not for the novice drinker) or a shaved ice to keep cool as you walk the sidewalk. Freshly roasted cashews make for a great snack and local favorites, rum cake and butterscotch cake are for sale all along the way.

The Music

The sound of steel drums played by a Garifuna drummer in traditional garb is all around.  Live bands play reggae and soca throughout the day and Chachis comes alive at night with the sound of local bands, Mile 41 and the Griga Boys. Art comes in all forms and music is most certainly a part of this special weekend in Placencia.

The Natural Products

From coconut oil pressed by the Maya ladies who sell it to the coffee scrubs and fresh spices that are for sale (tumeric and vanilla to name a few), the array of natural products is endless. Bug sprays, afterbites, soaps and oils are all available and sold to you from hands that crafted them with care.

The Jewelry

Lionfish skins make for a beautiful set of earrings and by buying them you’re doing your part to help save the reef (they are a threat to our nation’s coral as they have no natural predators and feed on juvenile fish). From the Maya’s beaded necklaces to conch shell chiseled pendants, you’re sure to get compliments if you adorn yourself with a piece of Belize.

The Crafts

There’s nothing quite like the sound of a wind chime on your porch. Seashelles tinkering in the wind as a reminder of your time spent in the Caribbean. A handmade Christmas ornament in the shape of a seahorse or a funny sign that reminds you it’s “Beer o’clock somewhere” are just a small sampling of the homemade crafts you’ll find out of driftwood, fishing line and twine.

The Community

Without a doubt, the sense of community along the sidewalk is the reason you’ll enjoy yourself at Arts Fest. A vibe of camaraderie and levity is only amplified by the volunteers that are selling beverages at the Rotary Beer Tent or working the Humane Society Kissing Booth (where you can get a kiss from either a puppy or a kitty for a small donation).  The kids running around proudly displaying their medals from that morning’s 5K run to raise money for a local in need. The sense that everyone knows each other is buzzing in the air and the opportunity to help local causes is a wonderful feeling to have on vacation.

Palm Reef invites you to come enjoy the Placencia Sidewalk Arts Festival next February and we’ve just given you 8 good reasons not to miss it!

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