Fostering Positive Engagement and a Healthy Community

In conjunction with our work on regional and local sustainability, we are also very active in the local community where we follow a policy of inclusion. Our initiative to “buy local” and go the extra mile to source locally produced goods ensures that whenever possible we help to stimulate the economy. As part of our inclusion policy, we strive to be a respected and valuable part of the local community and embrace the opportunity to employ local labor and use locally sourced materials.

We start at home in Maya Beach and move slowly outward, supporting and sourcing as much as we can, as close as possible. This approach allows us to better understand and communicate with the culturally diverse communities found here in our little oasis, like the neighboring Garifuna village of Seine Bight who enjoy a long, celebrated history here.. At the south end of our peninsula lies Placencia village, a veritable metropolis in this unpopulated region. Just a short drive away, Placencia village thrives with the peaceful but youthful energy of the region.

As part of our philanthropic work, we sponsor local children through funding of the Winsom Foundation. This foundation assists children to go to school and provides workshops across the country, stimulating interest in education.

No matter where we go locally on our outreach initiatives for Palm Reef Resort, we find everyone friendly and welcoming; the positive energy here is contagious and spreads easily.

Belize – A Melting Pot of Cultures & Friendly Communities