Responsible Partners for a Sustainable Future

Part of being a responsible development involves giving back to the environment and the people. We are committed to responsible development and building practices as well as educating and promoting responsible behavior throughout the area. By sourcing local woods and stone, we have reduced our Carbon Footprint and contributed to creating and sustaining economic growth for local industries and the economy.

Our restaurant supplies will come from the local fishermen’s Co-Op; all fresh produce supplied is hand speared or line caught. Our outreach initiative is aimed at sourcing local organic produce and working with local co-ops and villages to create jobs while supporting locally grown initiatives.

Each unit at Palm Reef Resort features spacious designs with emphasis on natural airflow, and the use of well-placed water features, these smart features combine to create a natural air conditioning effect, keeping a comfortable environment with little to no energy consumption.

Our shop will stock products and support the local sustainable seaweed cooperative at Laughing Bird Caye, just a few miles from Placencia. Their seaweed shakes and beauty products are sold around the peninsula, Belize, and even internationally.

We also work closely with the SEA (Southern Environmental Association) regarding the preservation of natural sites and the ongoing conservation in and around our property. Turtles lay eggs on our beach, so we will use approved low impact lighting so as not disturb their natural habitat. The lagoon is home to a variety of marine life including dolphins, manatees, countless fish species and over 250 birds making it a birdwatcher’s paradise. In order to ensure the survival of these creatures, we closely monitor all our actions and consult with the SEA on any possible sensitivities we may encounter.

One of our core tenets is responsibility, and by ensuring that the Palm Reef Resort is sustainable, we pass on this mantle to future generations to marvel and enjoy Palm Reef Resort for years to come.

A boat amidst the shimmering turquoise waters in Belize.