Belize is Hand Painting the Town Bold

Unlike so many resort destinations these days that seem to be getting slicker, more corporate and more “Disneyfied” by the second, Belize has maintained its homegrown integrity. Though it isn’t exactly known as an artist community, there are colorful splashes of the creative urge painted all across Placencia.

Consider, for example, Placencia’s signs. Hand painted in a bright Caribbean palette and full of local humor, it’s hard not to walk around the village and continually think, “adorable”.

One of the first signs you’ll see on the way into town from the airport is Placencia’s dreamy welcome sign.

It’s nestled into the curve just before Francis Ford Coppola’s famous Turtle Inn resort, where just after admiring the sign you can get your camera ready in case you happen to spot a celebrity out front waiting for their airport limo.

Further into town you’ll find business signs painted and hung on painted buildings such as the ones at the Treasure Box.

There are signs advertising goods for sale that lack a storefront, such as the plant sign below.

You’ll find collections of signs such as the ones leading up to the Tipsy Tuna urging you to come in and join the party.

And then there are the hand crafted wood signs hung here and there reminding you to leave your stress at the door, slow things down and simply…

Still signs aren’t the only thing people are painting here. A stroll down the smallest walkway in the world from the pier will lead you past all kinds of artisans selling hand made jewelry, woodwork and yes, paintings.

Hm…might look great in a condo. Or maybe a piece of Belize to take back to the states?

Brett Renee Stone is a managing partner and director of communications for Palm Reef Resort.

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