About Our Caribbean Paradise

On the Belizan flag is written,“Sub Umbro Florio”. Literally translated it means, “Under the shade I flourish”.

And there are plenty of places in Belize to flourish.

Palm fringed, sun bleached beaches, azure waters, mangrove forests, estuaries, tropical rainforests, flowing rivers, mysterious caves and colorful villages are just a few of the things to explore.

And there’s more…

Belize is home to the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef or Great Mayan Reef. This reef runs down the entire length of the country from the tip of the Yucatan Peninsula, to the Bay of Islands in Honduras. Acting as a protective barrier, the reef is home to over 500 species of fish and one of the largest populations of Manatees in the world.

Belize also offers some of the finest diving in the Caribbean. It’s not only home to the famous Great Blue Hole, but an entire ecosystem made up of shallow flats, hundreds of islands, atolls and cayes.

Covered with some of the world’s most beautiful rainforests, the country is committed to protecting the natural beauty of this wonderland. A large portion of its habitats are dedicated as preserves ensuring they’ll be here for generations to come.

And where are we?

Palm Reef Resort is situated in the middle of the Placencia Peninsula in Maya Beach. This natural headland is bordered by the sparkling Caribbean Sea on one side, and the sheltered Placencia lagoon on the other. This area is the perfect springboard to investigate the myriad of activities and events that make this the jewel of coastal Belize.

With its stunning sunsets, cool sea breezes, adventurous escapes, tropical scents and welcoming people, Belize will not only woo you into enchantment but will leave you simply in wonder.