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Explore the Diverse & Unique People of Belize

Belize was originally a British Colony known as British Honduras until 1973 and was famous for its supply of mahogany to the crown. Today, Belize enjoys full independence as a sovereign and democratic nation, with the safety and security of the crown as a British overseas protectorate.

Belize has become a melting pot of cultures. Travel from area to area and discover the unique diversity of people and cultures; Mayan, Garifuna, Creole, Mennonite, East Indian and even a healthy Belizean Chinese population.

Belize has an interesting population of over 10,000 Mennonites. Most of the Mennonites in Belize speak a dialect of German within their communities and still do not use electricity or machinery, however, they do produce some of the best woodwork and fresh dairy products in Belize. It is not uncommon to see a cart and horse with Mennonites on its way to market.

Indian traders, Chinese merchants, Mennonite farmers, Mayan and Creole fisherman- Belize’s history and culture shows in everything from its people and art to its tempting cuisine.

Belize has kept the best of its colonial origins with an English based education system and English Common Law, and it stands alone as the only English speaking nation in Central America. Belize also draws strong influences from the enormous diversity of Caribbean and South American cultures. Warm and friendly, the people mimic the land itself, and you will quickly feel at home.

Belize is a diverse nation with people from all over the world enjoying the splendor of this well-kept natural secret. It has been inhabited for thousands of years and yet has retained a simple, natural and peaceful existence.

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Belize – A world of discovery awaits…