Maya Beach Bistro, The Peninsula Favorite

Just right up the road from Palm Reef Resort is one of the best restaurants on the Peninsula, and maybe in all of Belize: The Maya Beach Bistro.

The MBB has not only been getting its virtues extolled for years now by both food and travel bloggers, but also by regular folk. You know the ones. They don’t write for a living, but they love to brag to their friends about the good food they ate. All this bragging seems to be having the necessary effect. The Belize Tourism Board has voted the place best restaurant in Belize several years in a row, so now it’s officially official.

Maya Beach Bistro is blessed with a wonderful setting. At any given time you’ll be looking out across their beautiful view of ocean, shoreline, palm trees, hammocks, a palapa extended out on the ocean and the occassional Mayan woman passing by selling her handmade wares. It’s also likely you might catch sight of a celebrity like Sylvestor Stallone in a casual t-shirt trying to unsuccessfully have an anonymous night out. (Last time I spotted Dee Snider)

This place is great for breakfast, lunch or dinner and I shamefully admit that both my culinary madness and sometimes complete lack of motivation to take a trip into town have found me using the place like my private kitchen three times a day. This has often left me a few pounds heavier in the bikini, but, I admit, infinitely happier.

Breakfast is really a luscious affair here. The coffee’s great, the breezes are wafting and the menu is the ultimate vacation splurge. If you haven’t tried the restaurant’s soul satisfying plate of shrimp and grits, then, frankly, you haven’t lived. I suggest you get on a plane and get down to Maya Beach at once so you can experience the relief of checking that one off the bucket list. The dish is just one decadent ooze of cheese, butter and shrimpy gritsy goodness that will sustain you through the day and make you happy to be alive.

Dinner is a shift of gears to fresh, healthy foods with complex sauces. The trio of salads absolutely makes me swoon with the watermelon, cheese and pickled watermelon rind concoction getting my number one vote. The fish creations change nightly, never disappoint and to accompany them you can select a creative mixed drink like the panty ripper, a concoction starring coconut rum and pineapple juice, or a wine from their simple and well thought through wine list.

After dinner it’s lovely to walk out on the beach and look at the stars. If you’re with someone you love it’s even better. Top the evening off with a romantic kiss on the beach and then, blogger or not, brag to all your friends about it.

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Brett Renee Stone is a managing partner and director of communications for Palm Reef Resort

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