Belize – the right place at the right time

Placencia beach BelizeEconomic volatility, banking security, and political turmoil can aptly describe the environment that has faced the average American, Canadian and European since 2008. Unpredictibility causes people to seek a “nest egg” or alternative investment strategy outside of the first world economies. Interest in a safe, English-speaking country like Belize has tripled in the last 12 months. Together we face a world of uncertainty that somehow just does not reach life in our little corner of the planet…welcome to Belize.

The implementation of FATCA (Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act – requiring all US citizens to report international bank accounts) has made life difficult for a lot of US expatriate investors.  FATCA is considered by many around the globe as an unconstitutional and unsustainable act. It is determined that it cannot succeed because the US Treasury would never agree to foreign account information sharing reciprocity. Especially since the US has the largest registries of offshore companies in the world.

In the meantime, the Act has  stimulated people to look outside of the US for an alternative to wealth protection. Looking to the future, Belize, and particularly Placencia, is perfectly positioned for the growth and surge in global investors looking for a peaceful, safe, English-speaking country to call home.

So if you find your world in turmoil, hook up with us in Belize where life slows down, the hammocks swing daily, and the Belikin Beer is cold. Leave your worries behind and Belize in your dreams. You simply cannot Trump that…