Isn’t it Time to Live Your Dream?

They say the best things come in small packages, and that is exactly how I would describe the young vibrant country of Belize.  Its 8,867 km2 make it a bit smaller than Massachusetts or half the size of Nova Scotia and the 300,000 people living here will do their best to make you feel at home from the top of the jungle at Victoria’s Peak to the bottom of Caribbean on the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef.  The hospitality will make it easy to stay, and the lifestyle will make it hard to ever leave.

I dreamed about living outside the US long before I realized it could be a reality.  I read books about people in exotic locations, played music from faraway lands, and watched nature documentaries in awe.  After doing a bit of international traveling, the dream became even bigger, but seemed farther away.  How does one relocate to another country?  Which country do you choose?  How do you get a job or find a home if you don’t speak the language?  How would I move all my stuff?

Whether moving across the state, the country, or the world, the same factors are considered.  Of course the weather is on the top of most peoples’ lists – not too many people are migrating to the Arctic Circle for pleasure.  Another most important consideration is the security of the area and the personal safety of you and your family. These factors are influenced by the government’s stability, the security of your finances, and your neighbors.  And finally a new location is attractive because it has the activities and community involvement that we are seeking.

After we find a destination that meets our narrow requirements, we have to be able to imagine ourselves living there.  What is the cost of living?  Will I be within reasonable traveling distance from my family?  What is everyday life like?  And what happens in case of an emergency?

We’ll pick up this topic of relocation, and show you how you can make your dreams come true as we continue to explore Belize together in this blog.