Relocation Couldn’t be Easier

Maybe upon first glance most of the countries in Central America and the Caribbean would meet your relocation requirements of warm tropical weather, friendly people, and a low cost of living.  Some of those countries also have a fairly stable government and even the US dollar as their currency.  But there is no other land that has everything you want wrapped up in such a small, pleasant package with an English language ribbon.

Until 1981, Belize was a British commonwealth, therefore Queen Elizabeth is still on the currency that is always pegged to the US dollar ($2BZ = $1USD.)  The influence of the British is still evident, as the government is still parliamentary and the official language of the country is English.  Although you will hear the local dialect of Creole spoken – among many others speaking Spanish, Garifuna, and Chinese – all the official paperwork, education, and signs are in English.

People from most countries in the world can visit Belize on a 30 day visitor visa that is issued upon arrival.  The local immigration officers are happy to renew your visa as long as you can prove you are not working and able to financially support yourself with outside means.  These visas can be renewed indefinitely, but after only one year you are eligible to apply for permanent residency and after five years, citizenship.  Imagine yourself living on the beach with the freedom of a second passport in just five years!  They also have an attractive Qualified Retired Persons program for people over the age of 45 with a recurring income.  If you want to make your home in Belize, you are welcome.

I imagine since you are reading this, you are considering a move to make your dreams come true.  The beginning of your tranquil lifestyle on the Caribbean Sea is closer than you imagined.  It’s less than two hours from Texas or Florida and only a half day trip from Canada.  The real estate opportunities in this soon to be discovered paradise are ripe this year as Belize continues to make the news for best beaches, outrageous natural wonders, and bargain beach properties.  Consider Mother Nature’s Best Kept Secret as the best small package you have ever been given.  Come open this gift yourself and discover the abundance of Belize.

We’ll continue to relate the magic that is Belize, and show you how you can make your dreams come true as we continue to explore Belize together in this blog.