Construction Updates

January 2018 Construction Update

Michael Wilcher, our new project manager, and Omar Mitchell, our new project engineer, have begun work and the vibe on the site of Palm Reef is one of thrill and anticipation. Already we’re a week ahead of schedule and continuing to move forward.

Here’s what’s been completed in January:

  • Cutting of the pile caps.
  • Completion at the pilings of the steel reinforcement cages.
  • Foundation of the sub-structure.
  • Commencement of the pouring of the foundation.

The following pictures show what the site looks like as of today. Up to this point all of the work’s been going into either the structural planning or into the physical work needed below or at ground level. This is of the highest importance, of course, but doesn’t give much oomph in terms of seeing something visible. Now, however, with this foundational work nearing completion we’re finally starting to see some structure going up.

Looking ahead to February you’re going to be seeing the casting of the perimeter foundation wall, and by the end of the month, the completion of the foundation.

We’re getting very close to the first walls going up. Steel beams are due to arrive in April and we’re putting the champagne on ice. Please check back at the end of each month for further updates.

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