Government Incentives

Helping You Realize Your Caribbean Retirement

Throughout this journey, you have probably already heard of many of the incentives the Government of Belize is offering and working towards that will make life easier and better for citizens and ex-patriots alike. The list below is a quick review of the elements we are aware of that are in place. Of course, additional incentives are in progress and may emerge at any time. The ongoing commitment of the government is strong, as it continues to work towards simple tax systems, ease of emigration, simple property ownership and retirement. All of the current systems are already exceptional, especially from a standpoint of investment in property outside of North America:

  • 100% ownership, and no capital gains tax, or limits
  • Simple tax structures, banking and law based on the British systems
  • English is the language of banking and commerce
  • Excellent systems for Qualified Retired Persons
  • Duty waivers on the importation of boats, motor vehicles & light aircraft as a Qualified Retired Person
  • Renewable 30 day visitor visas. 1 year for permanent residency, and citizenship after 5 years
  • Welcoming and proactive government employees and departments

A Welcome sign calls for your first step into Belize retirement real estate

Belize Qualified Retired Person Program – QRP

Belize offers one of the most attractive residence packages in the region. The Qualified Retired Person program (QRP) is simple and does not take a lot to qualify…

The basic requirements are that you are over 45 years of age, can prove US$24.000 Dollars in income a year…

QRP retirees don’t necessarily have to be retired. You may still work, as long as you do not do business in Belize with Belizeans.

Great incentives such as import duty exemptions on initial import of household and personal items, once off import duty exemption on a boat, car, and light aircraft.

For more information on becoming a “Retired” resident of Belize, download the official Government QRP Guide pdf from BTB below: