The Palm Reef Rental Program

A Great Investment For Your Future

Each owner at Palm Reef Resort will have the opportunity to place their purpose-built luxury residence in the professionally managed Palm Reef Resort Rental Program, allowing each owner to receive an income from the rental of their luxury residence.

The Palm Reef Resort Rental Program will offer a complete marketing and reservation service to ensure that the resort is attracting high occupancies and high rental rates.

Complete flexibility -The owners in the rental program will have the right to use their residence for as much or as little time as they require, as long as sufficient notice is given during peak periods. This notice allows us to shift guests around to ensure maximum profitability for owners while also ensuring priority reservations for our VIP owners. The rental program is voluntary and we already have a few owners that have purchased year round residences at Palm Reef Resort and will not be participating in the rental program.

It is our intention to make the Palm Reef Resort Rental Program highly successful and beneficial for the individual owners, as evident by the smart design behind the luxury residences and the numerous facilities and amenities we have designed to make Palm Reef Resort a luxurious full service resort.

Palm Reef Resort owners will receive an income statement on a monthly basis, and have the option to utilize their rental income returns to assist with offsetting the cost of ownership.

This product offers unrivaled sophistication and flexibility for the individual owners and investors, while still making the investment opportunity well beyond comparable products in the Caribbean.