Why Belize?

One of the Best Places to Retire

In our comprehensive research, we discovered that Belize is in need of upscale travel options as there are only 2 branded hotels in Belize City. The majority of hotels in all other parts of the country are geared primarily to backpackers and budget travelers, with 80% of the hotels in Belize occupying the market space of 10 rooms or less. We believe this created the perfect opportunity to develop a luxury product, in a prime location, designed around the market’s needs. We focused on developing an eco-friendly, full service luxury boutique condominium hotel, designed specifically around the aspirations and desires demanded by the growing middle and upper class North American market. Here you will have all the luxury amenities and levels of customer service that you have come to expect.

Many will ask “Why Belize?” We have combined a list of 14 good reasons to help answer that question. We suspect after reading them, your question may change to “Why not Belize?”…

Panoramic view of palm trees on the beach at Palm Reef.

The Water

Unspoiled mangrove estuaries, stunning beaches, tropical turquoise water, over 100 untouched islands, the 2nd largest barrier reef in the world, coral atolls, the Great Blue Hole, some of the world’s best diving and some of the planet’s finest fly fishing.

The People

Belize is a wonderful melting pot of cultures living together in harmony: Maya, Mestizo, Creole, Garifuna, East Indian, Mennonite and Chinese.  Wherever you go you will find some of the friendliest and most welcoming people on the planet.

The Language

While Belize has a rich diversity of languages used on a daily basis, the main language and official language is English. Creole, Spanish, German and even Mandarin are spoken in communities, however almost everyone converses in English.

Rich History and Mayan Ruins

Belize enjoys a rich cultural history dating back over 2000 years and is lucky to have some of the most incredible Mayan Ruins, with temples like Xunantunich and Cahal Pech.

Activities & Adventures

Belize is an activity lover’s dream; explore archeological ruins, jungle & rainforest treks, explore Central America’s largest cave network while cave tubing. There are countless nature and marine reserves to explore with inshore and offshore fishing, kayaking, sailing, scuba diving, snorkeling, jungle zip line tours, trips to the Blue Hole, bird watching and countless other activities to keep you busy.


Belize is lucky to enjoy many festivals from the Costa Maya festival through to the many Lobster Festivals. Each unique culture and area celebrate with their own unique festivals and it is a real opportunity to mingle with the people and immerse yourself in the real Belize.

Stable and Proactive Government

Belize is a former British colony and is now a British overseas protectorate, enjoying the full protection of the crown. It is, however, a stable and independent democracy with an engaged and proactive government. It has an efficient legal system based on British Common Law, simple visa and immigration procedures, and a proactive and willing labor force.

The Weather

One of the best things about living in, or visiting Belize is the weather. With an average yearly temperature of 29°C (84° F), coastal sea breezes keep you cool even in the hottest months. In winter, the temperature in Belize rarely falls below 16°C (60°F).

Food & Culinary Temptations

Belizean food is influenced by the incredible melting pot of cultures. From Creole, Mayan, Garifuna, Spanish, British, Chinese and American, the influence can be seen in many of the fantastic dishes to be found in Belize. Belizeans are blessed with an abundance of seafood such as conch, lobster, snapper and shrimp, which makes eating in or out incredibly affordable.


Belize has a residency based personal income tax system. That means you can only be held accountable for having to pay personal income tax on money earned while working and employed in Belize. Foreign income is not taxed and is tax-exempt. Belize has a simple and straight forward tax system where property taxes are low and there is no capital gains tax and no inheritance tax.

Real Estate Opportunities

Simply put, Placencia and Belize have some of the best beachfront real estate deals in Central America. Safe, freehold ownership, combined with fantastic growth potential are quickly making Belize the investment and safe haven of choice for North Americans. With no bubble to burst, it’s easy to see why demand is increasing.

Safety and Security

Belize is blessed with not having a crime problem. Areas like Placencia and Stann Creek are especially well known for their friendly, welcoming and crime free communities.

The Lifestyle

Slow down, enjoy the simpler things in life; time is on your side when you are in Belize. Things just seem to slow down as you start to adjust to the relaxed pace of Caribbean life. There is little else that compares to the quality of life in Belize.

Stunning Natural Beauty

Mayan Mountains, rainforest reserves, tropical beaches, coral reefs and a commitment to conservation and responsible development, Belize is simply Nature’s Best Kept Secret.

A Glimpse of Belize in HD