The Placencia Breeze

By Shaylene Todd

They say “life’s at ease with an ocean breeze” and here in Placencia, we consider the breeze something truly special. It’s what provides that gentle rustling sound of the palm trees, that slight taste of salt in the air and that tickle of relief you feel on your skin as the sun beats down on you. It also happens to, very fittingly be, the name of our local newspaper.

The printed version of the Breeze can be found at establishments peninsula wide and you’re encouraged to pick up a copy free of charge whenever you see one.  A Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA) publication, first established in 1999, the paper is meant to inform tourists and residents of all the local happenings. 

Inside you can reference the Entertainment Guide for the live music, DJs and Garifuna drumming performances that will happen throughout the month.  Find out where you can go sing karaoke, play Bingo or Name That Tune during your stay.  Make note of which bars are hosting a Trivia Night and when the Paint Night at Omar’s will be.  If there’s a fundraiser or BBQ happening, you’ll find out about it here. 

And what would a local paper be without the latest news? Read about how a new speed hump has been installed on the main road, what new businesses are opening (the March issue will get you excited about a new Mini Putt course opening in Maya Beach!) and what wildlife has been spotted out of place around the village.  The February issue had an article on a jaguar that was spotted swimming in the lagoon!

You can read about the research and rescue efforts for endangered animals in the column called ‘Croc Corner’, written by the Co-founder of the Crocodile Research Coalition, Marisa Tellez. One of our favorite recent columns was on “how to train your crocodile”.  From the ‘Fire Hearth’ is written by Placencia’s resident foodie and founder of Taste Belize, Lyra Spang.  An anthropologist with a PHD in Food & Culture in Belize, Lyra grew up on a cacao farm in the Toledo district and uses the column as a means of educating people on local dishes and natural ingredients found throughout the country.  You can get to know the stories of restaurateurs, tour guides and unique community members in the the monthly Feature by Placencia’s resident socialite, Shaylene Todd.

There’s a Phone Directory and a Peninsula Map that can help you navigate your way around your vacation and the latest addition…a Coupon Page that might get you half off a slice of pizza at Cha Chi’s or a second sandwich free at Sidewinder’s Subs. 

You’ll be sure to recognize the faces of the community as the pictures are all of the people and by the people each month.  See if you can’t make your way into the next issue by attending some of the highlighted events! 

And when you’re done with the paper, bring it home with you!  More than just a souvenir, the Editor, Jolie Pollard, who was born and raised as a part of one of the founding families of Placencia, loves to include a “Where in the World is the Breeze” photograph in each edition.  The photo features a visitor back in their native home reading a copy of the Breeze they brought back with them. Held up high on a snowy mountain top or being read on the back of a camel in the desert, these contributions from people like you, remind us that our readers and visitors come from all over the world. 

We encourage you to pick up your copy during your stay in Placencia. Learn a little bit about our community, find out how you can get involved and then take the Breeze home with you.  And, if once you’re home, you find yourself wondering what’s going on in the village, the Breeze is available online monthly at  Reading it is a great way to stay up to date before you can return for another visit!

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