If you need advice on what to pack for a trip to Belize, look no further. The Palm Reef Resort team brings you all the advice you need!

What to pack for a trip to Belize

Though you could come to Belize and just sit by the pool and read the latest trashy novel, to fully experience all the country has to offer, you might want to get out on an excursion or two and have a memorable adventure.

Caving, fishing, diving, snorkeling, jungle hiking and birding are just some of the fantastic things Belize has to offer. Since finding necessities can be a little challenging in country, it’s best to come prepared. Use the following as a checklist of items to bring with you, so when you get to Belize you can just get out and focus on having fun.

Sunscreen (reef friendly)

It goes without saying that if you’re going to spend your vacation in the sun, you need to protect yourself. When choosing which sunscreen to use, make sure you bring one that’s reef friendly. Belize has the second largest barrier reef in the world and conventional sunscreens can be toxic to coral and other marine life. Natural sunscreens that use non nano zinc are a good bet.

Underwater Camera

If you’re coming to Belize to snorkel or dive, you’re going to want to capture those amazing underwater scenes. Decent underwater cameras start at just $40 and are sure to produce images to make your friends jealous.

Hiking shoes

The ocean isn’t the only thing Belize has to offer. The vast Belizean jungle is full of mystery and wildlife. Bring some good shoes and head out for a hike in the Cockscomb Basin.


A baseball cap may be easy, but a light weight wide-brimmed boonie style hat will protect your face and neck not only from the sun, but the unpredictable jungle rain.

Bug Spray

Though you can find bug spray at the small grocery stores along the peninsula, finding the non-deet version can be tough. If you want to go the more natural route, bring it along.

Water Shoes

These will give you footing on those slippery rocks when you discover a remote swimming spot during your hike. They’re great inside caves and make getting into the ocean a much more feet friendly experience.

Bathing Suit

Bring several. Unexpected opportunities to get in the water seem to present themselves often. Plus, in the heat it’s great to wear little and cool off from the humidity.

Energy Bars and Other Snacks

Though healthy and delicious tropical fruit abounds, trail snacks are a bit more difficult to come by. If you can’t live without a cliff bar or two in your bag I’d bring it in the suitcase.

Ziplock Bags

Tuck a few of these in your bag to seal off wet bathing suits and other soaked items from the rest of your things.


Leave the expensive ones at home and opt for a durable pair with UV protection.


Brett Renee Stone is a managing partner and director of communications for Palm Reef Resort.

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